DLO Title, LLC uses Earnnest for easy and secure online earnest money payments.

Use this link (or access the QR code on this page with your mobile device) then follow the steps below!

Click Start

Enter payment details and confirm identity

  1. Enter the earnest money amount and the details of the transaction and click Continue.
  2. Provide the information needed to confirm your identity.

Confirm your payment account

  1. Add your bank account. Earnnest uses Plaid to verify and link your bank. This process is both secure and private. Click Use Plaid and follow the prompts to connect your bank.

Review and complete your payment

  1. After checking that all your details are accurate, click Review and pay.
  2. When you are ready, click Pay.
Digital Earnest MoneyDLO Title Earnnest QR code

Click any image below to download our PDF guide.

Earnnest step 1
Earnnest step 2
Earnnest step 3
Earnnest step 4
Earnnest step 5