DLO Title, LLC - Tennessee's Title Company

At DLO Title, we prioritize exceptional service for our clients, going above and beyond to ensure a seamless closing experience. From our on-going industry studies to our effective communication and meticulous attention to detail, we constantly strive to make the complex feel effortless.  We hope you'll trust us to handle all of your title services needs.

What's a title company?

Great question! Title companies play a crucial role in real estate transactions, offering essential services such as escrow, closing, search & exam, and title insurance.  At DLO Title, we blend knowledge, expertise, passion, and cutting-edge technology to turn home purchasing dreams into reality.

Escrow Services

As your trusted title company, we handle the financial aspects of your transaction, securely holding and distributing funds according to the settlement statement. From disbursing payments to sellers, mortgage payoffs, commissions, insurance premiums, termite inspectors, and more, we ensure a smooth and efficient process, taking care of all the necessary details.

Closing Title Services

At DLO Title, LLC, we handle all the document preparation and oversee the signing process at the closing table, led by experienced, confident, energetic closers who are seasoned notary public specializing in real estate transactions. Trust us to ensure a seamless, enjoyable, and legally sound closing experience.

Search & Exam

Prior to closing, we oversee a thorough search of property records, examining documents to prepare a title commitment as agents for the title insurance underwriter. At DLO Title, our experienced examiners excel in revealing any title defects (like liens, encumbrances, easements, past due taxes, and usage restrictions), and in ways to cure even the most novel and challenging defects.  Our goal is to identify and solve the complex issues behind-the-scenes, so the closing appears to be as smooth and seamless as possible to our clients.

Title Insurance

We write our title insurance only through the most respected title insurance underwriters in the industry.  The best defense to a title claim, however, is not a title policy—it is choosing the best title company to close your transaction properly!  Our founder explains it like this: “Having title insurance is like having auto insurance.  Even with insurance, having a wreck or a title claim is still a pain.  So choose your title company wisely!”  It is also crucial to understand the various types of title insurance available: Lenders, Owners, and Enhanced, as well as a range of endorsements. We love to explain the differences and help our clients determine the best policy and endorsements for their specific needs.  Got questions?  Just ask!